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Non ECE Trained Relievers

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Do you have any pending criminal convictions or court appearances?
Medical Conditions Is there anything we need to be aware of?
At which Kindergartens would you like to relieve?
What type of relieving are you interested in?
Please describe any training or experience that is relevant for relieving work in our Kindergartens. If you are currently training as an ECE teacher – please give us details of which course, which provider, and how long you have been studying.
If you are primary trained please give qualification and work history:
Please describe any relevant areas of expertise:
Please provide us with the names of two people who could be contacted for current knowledge of you and your suitability for relieving teaching in our Kindergartens.
Name Person 1
Telephone Person 1
Address Person 1
Name Person 2
Telephone Person 2
Address Person 2
  I give permission for Hutt City Kindergartens to make any checks or enquiries that will enable them to establish my suitability to work in kindergartens.  

Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) - Data Sheet

Ethnic origin Please tick one or more of the boxes below:

If you wish to identify your iwi

Pacific Islander- please identify which group(s):

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Age Bracket

Are there any ways in which we can support you in achieving in your job?
For example:

English as a second language?
Supporting you in managing family commitments?
Emotional and Mental Health?
Physical Health and Mobility?
Other areas?



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