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Dedicated, skilled and passionate about teaching

“What attracted me to kindergarten teaching initially was being able to make a difference in children’s lives…giving them life skills and empowering them to develop self esteem and self worth. Now when I see them full of enthusiasm and excited to learn each day, it’s great. Watching them progress from afternoons to mornings and then onto school, seeing how they share their enjoyment with their parents and knowing that you play a part in moving them along that continuum, it’s very rewarding.”

Michelle Beazer, Head Teacher


Michelle is typical of the dedicated teachers you will meet at Hutt City Kindergartens… highly skilled, passionate about teaching and focused on providing your child with an enriching kindergarten experience.


Research shows that children learn and develop best when they are nurtured and extended by teachers who are responsive, who join in their play, guide them in their activities, ask open ended questions and give plenty of verbal encouragement.
See Competent Children, Competent Learners project


At Hutt City Kindergartens our teachers provide all this and more. As fully qualified and registered professionals with a minimum of a three year Tertiary Diploma, they have an in depth knowledge of early childhood development, and through continuing education, keep up to date with current research and teaching practices.


Our teachers will actively support your child’s learning by: 

  • Talking with you about your child and listening to what you can share about them from their experiences outside Kindergarten.
  • Observing their behavior to determine their specific interests, abilities and needs - and developing a programme that will extend this further into new learning areas.
  • Encouraging them to take risks with their learning, to discover knowledge for themselves and create an understanding of the world around them.
  • Recognising ‘teachable moments’ and involving your child in meaningful problem-solving, planning and learning.
  • Helping your child investigate a topic that intrigues them in order that they can learn more about it.
  • Supporting them to make friends and work alongside other children at the Kindergarten.
  • Developing their confidence in using language to express their ideas.
  • Providing a quality indoor and outdoor environment with a large amount of printed material for them to see and use.